Warranty and Returns

Warranty obligations apply only to the presentation and its integrity. A product that has visual defects (due to the production or storage process) can be replaced with a similar one, or its full cost can be refunded. We draw your attention to the fact that your claim may be denied in case of an independent attempt to repair. The seller does not bear any warranty obligations if there is:

Returns for other reasons are possible if the case, components are intact and provided that it has not been installed on the phone and has not been used. Such goods can be returned by you or replaced within 14 days for the following reasons:

Return of goods is carried out by prior agreement. The Seller does not make a visit to the Buyer when returning the goods. Requirements for the returned product:

Return of goods or money

Return and exchange of good quality goods: You can refuse the ordered goods at any time before receiving it, and after receiving it – within 14 days. The return of a good quality product is possible if its presentation (integrity of packaging, seals, labels), consumer properties, as well as a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the specified product (sales receipt or cashier’s receipt) are preserved. An identity document is also required to return the goods. When returning goods of good quality, the company will refund its value no later than 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods and your written statement. If you have made an Individual order and have already made an advance payment for design services, you will be refused a refund request! If you require the replacement of a product from the catalog or an individual order for another individual order, you will have to make an advance payment again, since you will again be provided with the services of a designer. You have the right to exchange goods of good quality for a similar one within 14 days from the date of receipt of the order, excluding the day of purchase, if the goods did not suit you in terms of consumer properties:

Goods of good quality with individually defined properties are not subject to exchange, if the specified goods can be used exclusively by the purchaser who purchases it. If at the time of your request to exchange a product, a similar product is not available for sale, you can refuse the product and demand a refund of its value. Attention! In case of refusal from the goods, if it is part of the set, the return can be carried out only as a complete set.

Claims for goods of inadequate quality: A goods of inadequate quality means goods that are defective and cannot ensure the performance of their functional qualities. The received product must match the description on the site.

A slight difference in design elements, decoration, color, material of manufacture from those stated on the site is not a confirmation of a malfunction, or non-functionality of the product. The appearance and completeness of the goods, as well as the completeness of the entire order, must be checked by the recipient at the time of receipt of the goods. Upon receipt of the goods, you put your signature on the sales receipt and / or delivery receipt, in the column: “I accepted the order, the completeness is complete, delivery services were provided, I have no complaints about the quantity and appearance of the goods. I have read the terms and conditions for the return of goods. “

After receiving the order, claims for external defects of the goods, their quantity, completeness and presentation are not accepted. If you were given a product of inadequate quality, and it was not agreed in advance by the seller, you have the right to use the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law.

Due to the peculiarities of the remote method of sale, the replacement of goods can be performed only by returning the goods of inadequate quality and placing a new order for a similar product. You have the right to refuse to fulfill the contract of sale, return the goods of inadequate quality and demand the return of the money paid for the goods. Any of the listed requirements must be presented by you in writing by filling out an application.

Return of goods

To return the goods, as well as in the case of claims for the quality of the goods, the following necessary conditions for the return of the goods must be fulfilled:

In case of return of goods of good quality, transfer the goods in packaging and complete set, with all components. The product must be free from mechanical defects.

According to the law, the seller is liable for defects in the goods for which the warranty period has not been established, if the buyer proves that they arose before the transfer of the goods to the buyer or for reasons that arose before that moment. In relation to the goods for which the warranty period is established, the seller is responsible for the defects of the goods, unless he proves that they arose after the transfer of the goods to the buyer due to the buyer’s violation of the rules for using, storing or transporting the goods, actions of third parties or force majeure. The seller is obliged to accept the goods of inadequate quality from the buyer and, if necessary, to check the quality of the goods. The seller is obliged to conduct an inspection within a period of not more than 7 calendar days. If the goods were produced outside of Ukraine, the check may take up to 30 days.

After the inspection, the warranty repair of the goods with defects arising from the manufacturer’s fault can be carried out. If the repair is not possible, then we will replace the defective product with a product of proper quality, or a refund within 7 days from the date of such a request. For more information, as well as to consider claims for the quality of the goods on an individual basis, and make a decision, please send a written appeal to the sales department. We ask you to describe in detail the problem with the product. Your claim will be reviewed within 3 business days of receipt. We will try to find the best solution for you.

Sending addresses of agreed returns for nonresident customers. Customers who return goods from other regions of Ukraine (not Vinnitsa), the goods must be sent to the warehouse of the carrier company specified below:

Nova Poshta
Warehouse #16: ave. Kotsyubinskogo, 70 (TC “PetroCentre”)
Recipient: Moroz Eduard Nikolaevich
Tel. +38 067 430 56 93

It is imperative to inform the manager of the number of the declaration of the sent parcel, the order number, or the client’s mobile phone number (to which this order was made). Sticking tape, as well as any clarifying inscriptions on the packaging of the goods, is strictly not allowed!

Refund conditions:

The return of funds unused by the client occurs only after:

Refunds for the goods returned by the client are made only after:

When returning goods of good quality, they will refund their value no later than 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods and your written application. Refunds are made in the manner in which the payment for the Goods was made – by bank transfer to the details specified by the Buyer in the application for a refund, or in cash. Refunds are made only on the basis of a written application for a refund indicating the full name and only upon presentation of an identity document.

If all points of the return conditions are met, you can place an application by clicking on the button below. Please indicate the reason for the return in the comments. Thank you!