Help & Questions


You can enter the promo code in the basket, or when placing an order in the window “Do you have a coupon? Click here to enter the code”.

Best regards, Woodbox team!

You can order around the clock (24/7). But the store manager works from 9:00 to 18:00.

The cover is made throughout the day!
Dispatch every day at 19:00.
After sending you will receive an SMS with the TTN number.

Best regards, Woodbox team!

It all depends on the design itself. It happens that a client orders a cover on oak with an engraved photo. But the photo on the oak is very bad.
Sometimes the client cannot independently identify the tree species and falsely recognizes it as a different one. After all, the structure of the tree is not uniform, somewhere darker, somewhere lighter, somewhere the pattern of fibers is narrower, somewhere wider.

If you received the wrong material that you ordered, this is not a negligence of production, this is an experience gained on more than 4000 orders. Each order is individual, so if you have any questions it is better to contact the manager in advance!

In the past, we have used cases with high bezels to protect the screen. But as practice and customer reviews have shown, the sides pry off the protective glass and it flies off. After several cases, we decided to abandon the high sides. All the same, the cover protects the body of the phone, and there are protective glasses for the screen.

Best regards, Woodbox team!

Thanks to the high-quality silicone bumper, your dear phone will not be scratched by the smallest burrs, which are possible in a solid wooden case. Again, a wooden case can lead. And of course, no one is immune from accidental falls, which lead to breakdowns of both the smartphone itself and its protection. After all, this has already happened to you, hasn’t it?

This is another gift case, the additional function of which is a stand for your phone. It is included with your case for the same money. In other words, this is not an additional option, it is also yours.