About Us

Our mission

To reveal and show the creativity of everyone, involving people in the creation of our products.

Our goals

  • show the hidden beauty of nature
  • enter the international market
  • open a chain of stores
  • launch production in different countries

Having made friends with WoodBox and familiarized yourself with our products, you will probably ask yourself: why wood is our main material. Everything is very simple. Products made of natural wood at all times were highly valued in Kievan Rus for their practicality and beauty. There was no house without wooden utensils or various interior decorations.

A good tradition has been preserved to this day – wooden products are very popular in the world today. It is noteworthy that wooden works, whether it be artistically decorated dishes, interior decoration or a painting, attract the attention of not only collectors, but also simply connoisseurs of unusual things, culture and folk art.

At all times, objects that were inlaid with wood looked noble, expensive, and raised the status of the owner in the eyes of others. Where a person’s hand touches beauty, there has always been a tree: knives, pistols, author’s weapons, tools, expensive cars. Our case is no exception …

Now, in an era where the importance of technology and information is growing every day more and more, not a single modern person keeping up with the times can imagine his life without a mobile device, be it a laptop or a smartphone. But, also, people do not forget about art and style. WoodBox will help you choose a product to your taste, which will become a good protection for your device, as well as will become an integral part of your style.

Interesting features of our product


The first covers that came out into the world from our machines had veneer overlays - artificial wood. Now it is a clean cut of wood, no more than 1.5mm thick.


Strong, refractive-resistant, with a rifle thread that prevents it from slipping out even from wet hands.


We use our own glue to hold the cover parts together, which ensures high adhesion. The adhesive provides protection against possible vibrations, and the surface structure of the material will always remain unchanged.


It will be unique and unique in the whole world, like a fingerprint. Nature itself contributes to the fact that each cut of a tree is unique, and you will never find another one like that!

Online store of covers for mobile phones and gifts made of wood WoodBox is your best assistant when choosing an interesting and exclusive gift in the world of quality things. We offer exclusive gifts and souvenirs for various holidays such as New Years, Valentine’s Day, March 8 and February 23, birthdays and anniversaries.

In the WoodBox online store you will always find souvenirs and gifts for various people. Gifts for relatives and loved ones, souvenirs for work colleagues or a manager. Buying souvenirs and gifts in our online store is possible for everyone. A structured catalog will allow you to find a specific item in the shortest possible time. We currently produce products under the brands WoodBox, BUDDY, Levi-t, which are the main part of the WoodBox collection. Each season there will be a presentation of a new collection with unique products from WoodBox.

Our affiliate program will help you purchase goods at the lowest price and develop your own business. The sellers of our store will help you with quality and timely advice.

Our advantages


We will help you choose a product to your taste, which will become a good protection for your device, as well as an integral element of your style.


We offer exclusive gifts and souvenirs for various holidays. Most of the items are handmade.


We work only with natural materials, which makes our products stronger and more resistant to environmental influences.

A responsibility

Our managers will answer all your questions. They will help you choose the goods and control the delivery of the ordered on time.

Best regards, WoodBox team!