Welcome to WoodBox factory!

We, a team of professionals, draw inspiration from nature itself.
Every person who sees WoodBox or hears about WoodBox,
becomes our favorite client.

We create unique wooden cases inspired by nature itself.

Our task is to find the perfect wood cut and bring your ideas to life.

Years of practice and more than 3000 completed orders allow us to say with confidence that you will definitely be satisfied.

The WoodBox case will be an excellent protection for your phone and will become an integral part of your style.

Why are our cases so cool?


Each case has its own individual design and unique texture

Quality materials

We use only valuable wood species
best quality

For your needs

The case can be equipped with a magnetic holder according to your wishes

Wear resistance

Soft-touch technology makes the case look like new even after a year


We have processed the edges of the case so that it does not slip even in wet hands

Price from 550 UAH

And a box-stand for your phone as a gift!

People we trust

Don't limit your imagination

We will transfer your tattoo

A photo of your idol or someone close to you

Any image you like

Inlaid with Swarovski stones

Or let us leave the tree as nature itself created it

We also make engravings on

What our clients say:

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